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17 February 2014
We’re well into 2014 already, which is, of course, our big year: the tercentenary of the first Longitude Act. As well as continuing to produce outputs from the academic...
31 January 2014
Followers of this blog who are also fans of wider social media, will know that the longitude problem is no stranger to Twitter. Becky, Sophie, Alexi and I all tweet, often...
24 January 2014
I had a lovely trip to Leeds yesterday to help open a new display at Leeds City Museum devoted to John Harrison.
13 January 2014
A new year and a new acquisition! I’m excited to say I’ve made my first purchase for the museum, and bought one or two companions for our new Stubbs Kangaroo and Dingo.
7 January 2014
Last year the Museum was lucky enough to be given a very rare book that shows how quickly the details of John Harrison's sea-watch, H4, were disseminated around Europe.
3 December 2013
At last, the Museum has announced the exhibition we've been working on for quite a while. It's going to be called Ships, Clocks & Stars: the Quest for Longitude and will...
16 November 2013
A few days ago, Simon, Becky and were guests of the Université de Lorraine for a conference organized by Martina Schiavon and Laurent Rollet on 'Le Bureau des longitudes (...
14 November 2013
Richard posted back in August about an unprecedented new acquisition initiative being undertaken by Royal Museums Greenwich: two paintings by George Stubbs of The Kongouro...
11 October 2013
Sadly, National Poetry Day went by this year without us getting in on the act, but here's a belated contribution. It's a poem by Lord Byron that I came across a while ago....
7 October 2013
When John Harrison and the Board of Longitude were wrangling over the disclosure of H4 in the mid-1760s, one phrase proved particularly tricky. The Harrisons constantly...