Partnerships & initiatives

The Art Fund
The Art Fund has a long history of supporting acquisitions at the National Maritime Museum.
NHMF logo
The National Maritime Museum has benefited greatly from NHMF assistance over the past 30 years.
'Portrait of a Large Dog' (Dingo), by George Stubbs
The Royal Museums Greenwich's Travellers’ Tails partnership project delves into the history of exploration, art and science, inspired by...
CSI has been created to give experience working with conservators at the NMM's Conservation Department.
Now open, the Sammy Ofer Wing is the biggest development in the Museum’s history.
No.1 Smithery logo
No.1 Smithery is a new cultural venue and centre for world-class maritime collections at the heart of the Historic Dockyard, Chatham.
Queue to see transit of Venus through a solar telsescope at the observatory
The Flamsteed promotes the understanding of astronomy and offers members hands-on experience of the workings of the Royal Observatory's...
Understanding Slavery is a national education project and a teaching website developed by a partnership of national and regional museums.
Infrared image of Saturn
The Royal Observatory has undergone a spectacular £15 million redevelopment – the Time and Space Project.
The Museum works with a number of local and national organizations on community projects and initiatives.
Partners from organisations in London, Bristol, Southampton, Hartlepool and Liverpool have worked to create the NOF-funded PortCities...
National Historic Ships is a non-departmental public body reporting to the DCMS on ship preservation and funding priorities.
CLIWOC was an EU-funded research programme designed to abstract, interpret and analyse climatological data from historic naval documents.
Planet Ocean aims to promote public awareness of the oceans and the importance of their conservation and sustainable development.
New Visions is the Museum's contemporary art programme to encourage and broaden access to the arts.
Sea Vision UK is the national campaign to raise awareness of the sea, including the maritime sector in its widest sense.
SeaBritain 2005 was a national celebration inspired by the bicentenary of Trafalgar and the death of Nelson.