Museum policies

In this section are details of the Museum's various policies, terms and regulations.

See also Our policies and procedures (Freedom of Information Publication Scheme).

Our copyright and privacy statements, terms of use and accessibility policy.
The charter sets out how we undertake to handle your personal information.
Visitors are permitted to take non-commercial photos within the grounds and galleries of the National Maritime Museum, Queen’s House and Royal Observatory.
All persons entering the Museum Buildings are admitted subject to these conditions which are for the benefit of all our visitors and will be strictly enforced.
Terms and conditions for entry to National Maritime Museum competitions.
The Museum is committed to sustainable development best practice.
NMM Policy regarding managing and documenting the borrowing of objects for which the organisation is responsible for a specific period of time and for a specified purpose.
The National Maritime Museum is able to provide immunity from seizure under part 6 of the Tribunals, Courts and Enforcement Act 2007. This Act provides protection from seizure for cultural objects from abroad on loan to temporary exhibitions in approved museums and galleries in the UK.