Obtaining information in the Publication Scheme

Nearly all of the publications in the Publication Scheme are available to download free of charge via a hypertext link connecting the scheme to the document itself.

All the publications are available to view in the Museum Library, and can be photocopied in accordance with the Library's standard charges (see 'Charges' below).

Whenever these options are not possible or practical, paper copies can be obtained by post (see 'Obtaining paper copies of information' below for details on how to apply).

Please note that some publications are available only as printed books or leaflets. Ordering details for these publications are given in the Scheme.

Obtaining paper copies of information in the Publication Scheme

If you are unable to download the information paper copies (except for pre-printed pamphlets like the Corporate Review) may be obtained by post on written application to:

Christopher Gray
Museum Secretary
National Maritime Museum
London SE10 9NF

He will inform you whether a cost will be involved at the time of the request.

We aim to despatch paper copies within ten working days. There will be some cases where it takes a little longer. Charges may apply for this service – please see 'Charges' below for details.


Nearly all publications in the scheme can be downloaded from the Museum's website free of charge.

If this method does not suit photocopies of all the publications (except pre-printed pamphlets like the Corporate Review) can be obtained and are charged as follows:

  • requests of up to 5 pages will be supplied free of charge
  • over 5 pages to 50 pages will be charged at £23.50 per request
  • over 50 pages to 100 pages will be charged at £47.00 per request

When publications are available only as pre-printed books or pamphlets the cost and details on where to order the book or pamphlet are given in the scheme itself.


Information that is made available by the Museum is copyright of the National Maritime Museum and may only be reproduced for research and private study. Permission for any other use that would infringe the Museum's copyright needs to be requested from the Museum.

Obtaining any other information via the Publication scheme

If there is information you require that is unavailable via the online Publication Scheme, you can still ask us if we have what you require and, if we do, request it.

The Museum is happy to offer advice and assistance to those who wish to make, or have made, requests of this nature.

Therefore, if you cannot find what you are after, please apply in writing to:

Christopher Gray
Museum Secretary
National Maritime Museum
London SE10 9NF

When requesting information please include the following details:

  • your name and address
  • the information you would like to access
  • the way you would like the information to be sent to you – as paper copy or as an e-mail attachment

If you request information, and we are able to give you that information, our aim is to make as much as possible available to you free of charge. However, where it takes a considerable amount of time to gather or prepare the information you want we will charge for that work. If your request does attract any charges, we will ask whether you wish to continue with the request before we undertake the work. The charges given below are subject to regular review.

1. Information that is readily available
This includes information that has already been prepared and all that is required is for a member of staff to photocopy and post it.

The current charges are:

  • requests of up to 5 pages will be supplied free of charge
  • over 5 pages to 50 pages will be charged at £23.50 per request
  • over 50 pages to 100 pages will be charged at £47.00 per request

2. Information that requires research and preparation
In this case, we will charge for the time taken to locate and prepare the information for release.

  • 1st hour or part thereof: £60.00
  • every subsequent 15 minutes or part thereof: £15.00

The standard photocopying charges in 1. above also apply.

When individuals are requesting the research to be carried out for their own private (ie non-commercial) research or study, the initial hour's charge of £60.00 is reduced to £25.00.

All charges include VAT.

If your request falls within the category of requiring research and preparation, we will provide an estimate of the cost of providing the information before we start any work on your behalf.

For routes or channels to collections, access and services information, please see the NMM's Collections online website and follow the procedures there.

Complaints procedure relating to the Freedom of Information Act

The Museum's policy is to be as open as possible and supply the information you have requested, but we may withhold information if we consider its release would be detrimental to the work of the Museum. If we refuse to supply all or part of any information you have asked for in writing we will then write to you giving our reasons for refusal. The reasons will be based on the exemptions in the Freedom of Information Act.

If you are dissatisfied by the Museum's response, you can request an internal review of the decision you have received. Requests for an internal review, which will be made by senior management in the Museum, are to be made in writing to the Museum Secretary.

If the internal review confirms the decision not to supply information, and you are not satisfied with the reasons we give you, you have the right to appeal to the Information Commissioner at:

The Information Commissioner
Wycliffe House
Water Lane
Cheshire SK9 5AF
Tel: 01625 545700
Fax: 01625 545510

You may also request a review by the Museum if you believe the charges we make to supply information are unfair.

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