Gillian Hutchinson

Gillian Hutchinson


Curator, History of Cartography

Gillian HutchinsonI work with the Museum’s superb collection of sea-charts, maps and globes, recording them and researching their significance and trying to share what I learn. You can see some of the results on our Collections Online – Charts and maps pages.

My favourite part of my job

I enjoy finding connections between the cartographic collections and the other collections in the Museum, to give another angle to the stories we can tell and the themes we can explore. Cartography really does help you to understand how people viewed the world, and I don’t mean just its physical features but what their attitudes were.

The question I'm asked most often

How can I see the charts and maps?

You are welcome to view the maps and charts in the reading room of the library at Greenwich. Most of them are stored off-site, so it is essential to make arrangements with the library first, as it can take up to two weeks to retrieve some stored items.

My recommended book and links

To understand sea charts and why they show different things from maps of the land, take a look at Charting Neptune’s Realm: from Classical Imagery to Satellite Technology.

The Map History website hosts interesting discussions.

For globes, the Museum has published a superb catalogue of its outstanding globe collection: Globes at Greenwich by Elly Dekker.