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23 February 2017

How did Samuel Pepys celebrate his birthday? Presents and cake just didn't cut it for the world's greatest diarist. 

21 February 2017

Over the next few months, Documentations Officer Claire Denham will take us behind the scenes at Cutty Sark, to give us an insight into the important daily research, documentation and maintenance work that keeps Cutty Sark preserved for many future generations to come. To kick things off, this week’s blog post looks into how Cutty Sark arrived at her final permanent berth in Greenwich.

21 February 2017

A new display outside the Caird Library explores some of the Museum’s portolan charts. 

20 February 2017

Student is the fifth post in our series exploring the many fascinating identities Emma Hamilton held throughout her life. It explores Emma's lifelong thirst for learning and self-improvement.

16 February 2017

Possession is the fourth post in our series exploring the many fascinating identities Emma Hamilton held throughout her life. It explores Emma's rise to fame, in collaboration with the famous artist George Romney.

13 February 2017

The Royal Navy has a tradition of selecting warship names that reflect its aggressive ethos, good examples being Victory, Dreadnought and Invincible. However, this is neatly counterbalanced by an equal penchant for other names that range from place names (Nottingham), to flowers (Gladiolus) to the charming (Coquette) with occasional stops for the downright bizarre (Gay Forester).

13 February 2017

'Emma Hamilton' exhibition curator Quintin Colville takes a fresh look at Emma and Lord Nelson's love affair.

10 February 2017

We're all gearing up for tonight's penumbral lunar eclipse. Royal Observatory Astronomer, Colin Stuart, tells us what it is and how to see it. 

9 February 2017

For a short period between her 14th and 16th birthdays, necessity forced Emma Hamilton into Covent Garden, the heart of London’s sex trade. Ahead of her talk at Seduction Late on 14 February, Catherine Curzon traces the life of another extraordinary woman drawn to London’s sex trade.

9 February 2017

On 14 February, Emma Hamilton cordially invites you to the National Maritime Museum for an evening of dancing, gaming, exquisite conversation and revelry. Illustrious fellow guest and expert dancer Mrs Bennet shares her excitement getting ready for the ball…