Cutty Sark Studio Theatre

March–April 2015 - bookings now open

Performances start at 7.45 p.m.

The Michael Edwards Studio Theatre is situated in the lower hold of Cutty Sark, where precious cargoes of tea and wool were stacked over a century ago. During the daytime, the hold contains displays of tea chests and other artefacts relating to the ship’s extraordinary history. In the evening, the central section can be converted into an eclectic performing arts space, unique in the world.

Sunday 19 April. Fresh and entertaining, Cope charms and amuses her audience with her wry, ironic poetry.
Mon 20 April. Best-selling author, comedian and actor Alexei Sayle gives a preview of the second volume of his hilarious and thought-...
Mon 27 April. Led by internationally-renowned recitalist Graham Devine, students present a lively showcase of guitar music.