More Pictures!

by Affelia Wibisono

I was working late yesterday and when I left the Observatory, it was a really nice and clear evening. Venus was shining brightly in the west, whilst Jupiter and the waxing gibbous Moon were both in the east. I managed to get a few shots of them on my smartphone camera as I walked through Greenwich Park. It’s amazing to think that something that I carry around everyday in my pocket can capture the light that’s been reflected off something that’s 40 million miles away from us (Venus’ average distance from the Earth), or in the case of Jupiter, 400 million miles away!

DSC_0252 Venus, the Evening Star
DSC_0254 Jupiter and the Moon
DSC_0257 Jupiter and the Moon

I hope this shows that you don’t need to wait for a spectacular astronomical event or any specialist equipment to get into astrophotography. It can be as easy as taking your phone out and looking up. For more tips on astrophotography and a chance to win prizes especially chosen by us, head to Creative Cosmos. Or if you want to get inspiration, or even enter our Insight Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition, you can find the info on our website.

Happy snapping!