Emily from our Photographic  Studio talks about the process involved in photographing a new exhibition. With a need for general record images alongside photos that help convey the atmosphere of our galleries this is no easy job!

With new galleries and exhibitions the photographic studio aims to document all features of the space. From groupings, design & digital elements to the overall space, the images have to cover the needs of press, marketing and the teams involved. Since photographs are taken just as the installation has been completed, before it is open to the public, there isn't time for photographers to read the interpretation. The photographer views the exhibition the way a visitor would so it always helps having instructions from a project member to direct the shoot.

Melanie Vandenbrouck with Frank Dobson Melanie Vandenbrouck with Frank Dobson's bust of Admiral Sir William Milbourne James, SCU0029.

For the War Artists at Sea exhibition, Melanie Vandenbrouck, walked me through the gallery before it was photographed so that I could relay information and instructions to the photographer. Tina did the photography for this exhibition and was inspired by the series of busts on display, in particular the display of Richard Eurich's painting, HMS 'Revenge' Leaving Harbour, with Frank Dobson's bust of Admiral Sir William Milbourne James. In the foreground of Eurich's painting is a poster and graffiti 'Good Ole Bubbles' in reference to the nickname of Admiral Sir William 'Bubbles' James.

Richard Eurich Richard Eurich's painting, BHC1571, displayed next to Frank Dobson's bust, SCU0029

Tina took the time to explore the objects and looked for ways to express the linked objects. By using depth of field and perspective, the photograph tells a story and demonstrates the connection.

Tina Tina's photograph with short depth of field

Whilst it is important to have general record images, it is also important to produce a more creative and inspired content to reflect the atmosphere of the galleries.

Though some of the displays have changed since the opening, our War Artists at Sea exhibition is still open and free entry at the Queen's House. To keep up to date with the latest news from the Photographic Studio follow our Twitter Feed @RMGPhotoStudio.