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9 December 2016

In the summer of 2011 an intriguing document came into the possession of His Royal Highness, Duke of Edinburgh, from Lord Ivor Mountbatten. Ascertaining that it had a relevance to the Battle of Jutland, the former passed it to the National Maritime Museum, which after some initial investigation formally acquired it a few months later.

7 December 2016

Emma Hamilton worked in and around Covent Garden for just a few years as a teenager, but this area had a profound effect on her future, and she played a role in the cultural, social and commercial life of this area of London. Thomas Ardill from the Museum of London tells us more.

6 December 2016

My name is Sabine van Vugt and I’m the Marketing Manager at Cutty Sark, where I’ve been working since the summer of 2014. I had moved to London from Amsterdam that January, and was delighted to be able to work at such a famous ship, known all over the world. 

6 December 2016

Emma Hamilton was an extraordinary woman who inhabited many identities throughout her life. In our new blog series, Emma Hamilton: Seduction and Celebrity curator Dr Quintin Colville explores them all. 

1 December 2016

Look Up! December 2016 Royal Observatory Astronomers Radmila and Dhara take you through what to see in the night sky during the month of December in our family friendly Look Up! podcast. 

30 November 2016

December’s highlights include this year’s final Supermoon and the Geminid meteor shower. (All times given are for London and will vary for other parts of the UK.)

30 November 2016

The Great Storm of 1703 wreaked havoc across southern Britain in late November of that year, and it remains one of the worst storms in British recorded history.

16 November 2016

The annual Leonids meteor shower peaks this week on Thursday night and early Friday morning, with a likely rate of about 10 or so meteors per hour.

14 November 2016

Performance artist, Frankie Cluney, shares her insights into Emma Hamilton's 'Attitudes' . See her own interpretation of the innovative performance art at our next Museum Late.

13 November 2016

On Remembrance Sunday, Jeremy Michell, the curator of our Jutland 1916 gallery, delves deeper into the personal stories that emerged of the battle.