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13 July 2017

Many of the common seamen of Nelson’s time were not literate, meaning letters of the ‘Lower deck’ are rare. Nelson probably received a great deal of correspondence asking for help or influence of one kind or another, but was his reputation for benevolence towards those that had served under him sometimes exploited or taken advantage of? 

23 February 2017

How did Samuel Pepys celebrate his birthday? Presents and cake just didn't cut it for the world's greatest diarist. 

26 January 2017

Systematically working on the Museum’s collection of ship portraits is a great way to see how the same naval actions have been depicted by different artists, at different times and in different ways.

12 January 2017

In the first issue of Yachting World (April 1894), the editor introduces his new periodical which is aimed at those individuals engaged in the ‘great national sport of yachting – a sport at once healthy, noble, and pleasant’. He highlights that it will have ‘accounts and illustrations of Yachting Celebrities’ and will include a specific column for ‘the fair yachtswomen, who now constitute as numerous and important, as they have always been an attractive, class’.

16 December 2016

As an intern in paper conservation I had the great pleasure of working on a beautiful and interesting collection of late 19th-century Chinese pith paintings.

30 November 2016

The Great Storm of 1703 wreaked havoc across southern Britain in late November of that year, and it remains one of the worst storms in British recorded history.

18 October 2016

Death at sea was a danger for every seaman and for those who crewed a sailing ship the dangers were greatest. 

2 September 2016

The secret love letters of Nelson and Emma Hamilton, though it appears his capabilities at subterfuge were not nearly as great as those he possessed for naval leadership!

18 August 2016

On 22 September Ensemble Perpetuo and Royal Museums Greenwich will be bringing an evening of music and photography to the Dry Berth of Cutty Sark. We spoke to Ensemble Perpetuo’s founder James Turnbull, who shared some of the great reasons not to miss this unique occasion with us.