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Great Equatorial Telescope closure

On 22, 25–26, 29 August and 1–2 Sept we'll be holding special Venus observing sessions with the Great Equatorial Telescope, which will close at 3.15pm to other visitors. See Venus through the iconic Telescope

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25 August 2016

For August’s Caird Library and Archive Item of the Month, Graham Thompson presents a collection of drawings by a midshipman who showed much promise, but died young before he had established his reputation as a Royal Navy officer. 

17 August 2016

As our ultimate flight exhibition, Above and Beyond, comes to an end we explore the logbook of Captain Albert James Enstone - a pilot with the Royal Naval Air Service during the First World War. The logbook records each of his flights and provides an insight into the dangers he faced everyday.

9 August 2016

Captain Matthew Webb was the first person to swim across the English Channel unaided. Using our library and archive collections we research the life of this extraordinary man.  

8 August 2016

If you wish to look up ‘transport by sea’ in any library or archives you will get passenger lists, cruise ships (most of which will all focus on the Titanic); and in the case of the Caird Library and Archives, a tea clipper called Cutty Sark.

28 July 2016

Who would have guessed that the clue to solving a long running mystery about the final resting place of one of the world’s most famous ships lay buried in some fairly unassuming records in the Museum’s Caird Library?

13 July 2016

Inspired by our Above and Beyond exhibition, our Library Assistant Sonia Bacca explores flying machines in our Caird Library and Archive.

29 June 2016

Library Assistant, Sonia Bacca, guides you through our latest library acquisitions relating to the Battle of Jutland. 

27 June 2016

Archivist, Mike Bevan, shares some discoveries made by our Navy Board In-letters volunteers - who've added 12,000 new records to our archive catalogue. 

10 June 2016

Library Manager, Gareth Bellis, shares one of his favourite periodicals from our collection.

3 June 2016

James Fleming, from The National Archives, has been trying to condense their amazing collection of naval material into a seven-minute presentation.