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14 October 2016

October’s Item of the Month takes a look at an item from the Historical Records Collection, The Instrument of Surrender, relating to the surrender of Japanese Forces in Hong Kong in 1945.

4 October 2016

The World's Fair of 1889 drew some 32 million visitors to see attractions including the newly-built Eiffel Tower. Our archives include the evocative account of Robert Arthur, one of the visitors to the exhibition, who, along with a party of friends, travelled to Paris on a barge named City of London.

3 October 2016

Artist and writer John Kelly looks at how the ship’s log has long contributed to literature and the visual arts.

26 September 2016

Artist and writer John Kelly delves into the fascinating history of the ship's log and the many experiences and discoveries it has recorded.

19 September 2016

September’s Item of the Month takes a look at a key astronomical work from the 17th century: Giovanni Riccioli’s 1660 publication Almagestum novum (RMG Item ID: PBG0909/1-2).

14 September 2016

This year marks the 80th anniversary of the death of Rudyard Kipling. Best remembered today as a poet, short-story writer and novelist, he was also involved in the founding of the National Maritime Museum and even chose the Museum’s name.

6 September 2016

Poor records mean the valuable contribution of Asian crew members to Britain's mercantile fleet have often remained hidden. However new crew lists found in our archives promise huge potential for future research. 

2 September 2016

Hassan Mahamdallie, Director of the Muslim Institute, considers recent archival finds uncovering the stories of men and women from black and Asian people in Britain, including 2000 photographic records of Bangladeshi ships’ cooks in the archives of the National Maritime Museum.

2 September 2016

The secret love letters of Nelson and Emma Hamilton, though it appears his capabilities at subterfuge were not nearly as great as those he possessed for naval leadership!

25 August 2016

For August’s Caird Library and Archive Item of the Month, Graham Thompson presents a collection of drawings by a midshipman who showed much promise, but died young before he had established his reputation as a Royal Navy officer.