Works of art by the Great Masters don't just influence and inspire us, they also tell us a lot about the period they were painted in. Discover some of the amazing art we have on display - from George Stubbs's 18th century depictions of a kangaroo and a dingo, to J.M.W. Turner's famous depiction of the Battle of Trafalgar. 

Find out about some of the most notable artists whose work is held in our fine art collections.

Our collections feature several works by renowned 18th-century animal artist George Stubbs, most notably his groundbreaking paintings of a kangaroo and dingo. 

Our art collection holds a major work by artist J.M.W. Turner: The Battle of Trafalgar, 21 October 1805 (1822-24). 

The Willem van de Veldes (Elder and Younger) moved to London from Amsterdam in 1673–74 and became a strong influence on English marine painting.

Yinka Shonibare MBE explores colonialism and post-colonialism in his art. Nelson's Ship in a Bottle was acquired by the NMM in 2012.

The artist William Hodges accompanied Captain Cook on his second voyage to the Pacific in 1772-74.