Arise ladies and gentlemen, as we step back in time to a world of courtiers and courtship. From the drama and intrigue of of Elizabeth I's court, to the rags to riches tale of Lord Nelson's mistress, Lady Emma Hamilton, we explore the lives and legacies of some of history's most colourful characters.

The procession and coronation of Queen Elizabeth I set the tone for her reign and earned her public approval.

There was no full-time navy when James I (VI of Scotland) and Charles I were on the throne. This left the British coastline vulnerable to attack.

In December 1559, Queen Elizabeth I consecrated Matthew Parker as the first Archbishop of Canterbury for the new Church of England.

Next time you reach for a painkiller, be grateful you weren't relying on Stuart medical treatments.

The success that Queen Elizabeth I reached with the defeat of the Spanish Armada in 1588 was followed by a period of decline. 

Members of the Royal family have been drawn to Greenwich as far back as the late middle ages, with the area being the site of numerous royal births, marriages and deaths.

Early portraits of Queen Elizabeth I stress her God-given right to rule by her death she symbolised national unity.

The threat to the Crown from Catholic forces continued to grow for Queen Elizabeth I during the 1580s.

How was England's defeat of the Spanish Armada under Elizabeth I a defining moment in the country's history?

The tides of peace turned for Queen Elizabeth I when Mary, Queen of Scots arrived in England in 1568.