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National Maritime Museum, Queen's House
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Leisure & tourism

It is important for any visitor attraction to monitor its visitor flow. 

Visitor flow

It is important for any visitor attraction to monitor its visitor flow.

The number of visitors arriving in each month affects the staffing and income levels of an attraction. This in turn determines whether opening throughout the entire year can be sustained.

Where costs of opening exceed the possible income it is likely that the attraction will close for some part of the year. London attractions have the benefit of a through-the-year flow of tourists and this results in more of them remaining open at all times.

Visitor flow: reasons for closure

  • Reduced visitor numbers (many National Trust properties close from October to Easter because of this)
  • The extra wear and tear caused by winter visitors (especially in bad weather)
  • To conserve the materials and the need to carry out repairs
  • Outdoor/seasonal product (if an attraction has a large outdoor element, walks and gardens, then there may be no justification for winter opening)
  • Maintenance and redevelopment

Attractions which remain open throughout the year will occasionally have to carry out repairs and alterations during normal opening periods. Sometimes having areas 'off-limits' or galleries 'closed for maintenance' can upset visitors. The only time the entire Museum is closed is for three days over Christmas.