Silk River storytelling aboard Cutty Sark

On the 17th September, Greenwich plays host to the Silk River walking tour of the River Thames. Cutty Sark will be the first point of call  before the walkers, with their beautiful parade of banners, head for Woolwich. Join our storyteller aboard the ship to find out how Greenwich and Cutty Sark inspired the banner designs, and if you arrive early enough, you might just catch the beautiful artworks before they proceed on their journey along the River Thames.

Fabulous flying fish

Cutty Sark’s sailors would catch flying fish as a tasty alternative to their diet of salted beef and pea soup.  In this drop-in workshop, come and learn more about what sailors ate and make a flying fish to take home with you.

Observatory Unlocked sessions

Enjoy a range of public talks and activities delivered by our Observatory Explainers, ranging from short talks on the hidden stories of the Royal Observatory Greenwich to Solar observing and hands on science demonstrations.

Our team of Observatory Explainers include those who are studying Astrophysics at degree or postgraduate level and can answer your burning questions about astronomy such as: why do we need dark matter to explain the universe and how do astronomers know that space is expanding?


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