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Finding Life among the Stars

Come and find out how astronomers are using telescopes large and small to look for habitable planets orbiting nearby stars.

Age: 11+

Professor Suzanne Aigrain

Head of a research group at the University of Oxford focusing on the detection and characterisation of exoplanets and their host stars, Suzanne was born and educated in France before moving to the UK for her undergraduate studies.

Hitler’s Island

On 18 April 1947, British forces set off the largest non-nuclear explosion in history. The target was a small island in the North Sea, 50 miles off the German coast which for generations had stood as a symbol of Anglo-German conflict: Heligoland.

Drawing on a wide range of material, Jan Rüger explores how the two nations have collided and collaborated in this North Sea enclave. For much of the 19th century, this was Britain’s smallest colony, an inconvenient and notoriously discontented outpost at the edge of Europe.

Maritime Lecture Series: Emma Hamilton

Speakers include Kate Williams (Inside Versailles, BBC 2), as well as Quintin Colville, exhibition curator of Emma Hamilton: Seduction and Celebrity.

England’s Mistress? The Infamous Life of Emma Hamilton

Thursday 2 March

A dramatic, sparkling tale of sex, glamour, intrigue, romance and heartbreak, in this talk Kate Williams, broadcaster and Professor of History at the University of Reading  and author of 'England's Mistress' traces the rise and rise of the gorgeous Emma Hamilton.

Exhibiting Emma

Thursday 9 March

Observatory Unlocked

Enjoy a range of public talks and activities delivered by our Observatory Explainers, ranging from short talks on the hidden stories of the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, to solar observing and hands on science demonstrations.

Our team of Observatory Explainers can answer your burning questions about astronomy such as: why do we need dark matter to explain the universe and how do astronomers know that space is expanding?

Maritime History and Culture Seminars, 2016–17

This series, convened by the National Maritime Museum and held at the Institute of Historical Research, explores humankind’s relationship with the sea through museum and archive collections.

At its heart is the idea that our history is entwined with the maritime world and that people’s lives have always been shaped by the sea. Bringing together established names and new researchers, the series draws upon a range of different approaches to encourage debate and discussion.


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