Astronomy fact files

Note: these fact files have been written for age 16 and above.

We also have over 40 astronomy FAQs including 'When will the next solar or lunar eclipse take place?', 'What is the bright object I saw in the sky last night?', and 'Will an asteroid hit the earth?'

The Lovell radio telescope at Jodrell Bank
Find out about telescopes, Meridian and Positional Astronomy, Photometry and Astronomical Spectroscopy.
Find out about comets, meteors, meteorites and asteroids including how to make your own comet and the closest object ever.
Harrison's Marine Chronometer number 1 - H1
Learn about John Harrison, Halley, the Herschels, George Airy, Robert Hooke and Christopher Wren.
Stars, supernovae, constellations, pulsars, black holes, white dwarfs and star myths.
Montage of the solar system
Find out about our Sun and Moon, the planets and dwarf planets, eclipses, aurorae and sunspots.
Swan nebula
Galaxies, cosmology, dark matter and the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence.
7-Foot Reflecting Telescope
Find out how to become an astronomer and how UK astronomy is funded.
The International Space Station, Ulysses, Deep Impact, Cassini-Hugyens, Mir, Hipparcos, Galileo and many more.