Comets, meteors and asteroids

One of the neatest demonstrations in astronomy is to make a comet in the classroom.
Dates and details of all the annually-occurring meteor showers visible from the UK.
All of us are familiar with the sight of a sudden flash of light passing across part of the night sky.
Comets have been associated by the superstitious with disasters and other notable historical events.
Between 1801 and 1807 small starlike objects were discovered in the solar system. These small bodies became known as Minor Planets or...
Meteors from this shower can be seen over a period of about 2 days centred on approximately November 17 in the constellation Leo.
Asteroid 1950 DA
Asteroids are remnant material from the formation of the solar system and the initial development of the planets.
The Perseids are the best-known of the meteor showers and can be seen in August each year, with the maximum activity on or around 12 August.
The closest recorded encounter between a natural object and the Earth took place on 31 March 2004.
In 2006 a comet-like ball of gas was found, moving through a cluster of galaxies at 750 km per second.