Games & activities

Explorers wordsearch graphic
Try the Planet Ocean quiz and have fun with picture sliders and wordsearches.
Read the exciting legends behind the constellations: Orion, Perseus and Andromeda, Great Bear and Little Bear.
How green are you? Find out on the Your Ocean website.
Find out about the impact of the ocean on our lives, try the games and take positive action to save our seas.
The evil genius
Defeat the evil genius before he steals all of history!
Sea monster mask
Get creative with these great ideas for things to make and build! Make a sea monster mask, a sundial, a rocket...
Find the hotspots in each picture and learn more about this incredible cat born at sea 200 years ago.
Sir Water Rowdant
Let sea rats Sir Water Rowdant and Bilge guide you through the dangerous and exciting world of Tudor exploration.
Sail Safe
Learn sailing skills the fun way. Get the know-how on weather forecasting, chart reading, buoys and night sailing and put your skills to...