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  • Full Moon over the Alps :copyright: Stefano De Rosa
  • Calm Before the Storm :copyright: Julie Fletcher
  • C2014 Q2 Lovejoy :copyright: Michael Jaeger
  • Aurora Panorama 3 :copyright: Jan R. Olsen
  • Ascent of Angels :copyright: Brad Goldpaint
  • Thor's Helmet :copyright: Adam Block
  • The Mirrored Night Sky :copyright: Xiaohua Zhao
  • Star Trails over Green Lake
  • Solar Prominence :copyright: Gary Palmer
  • Roseta-NBv5 :copyright: Juan Ignacio Jiminez
  • Motind :copyright: Rune Engebo
  • Moon and Antelao :copyright: Marcella Giulia Pace

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Sir Francis Drake, 1540-96
Francis Drake was an experienced and daring seafarer who successfully circumnavigated the world between 1577-80.