Customer service at the Museum

Introduction to customer service at the Museum

A visitor receiving a special exhibition ticket and floor planOn entering the Museum, visitors are welcomed by a Gallery Assistant (GA). The GA will find out if visitors have a special interest or need and direct them to a ticket point. Here a free or special-exhibition ticket and floor plan are issued ©National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, LondonCustomer service is essential to the success of business organizations and the leisure and tourism industry relies on a customer base to provide its core business.

National Maritime Museum customers expect excellent customer service. As one of London's top ten visitor attractions, this service is provided in a variety of ways (more details are available below):

  • Meeting and greeting customers as they enter the Museum sites
  • Value-added interpretation
  • Written information
  • Education services
  • Retailing products
  • Hospitality and catering
  • Targeted products and services
  • Virtual access to the Museum and its collections via its websites
  • Providing an information and pre-booking service

Meeting and greeting customers

On entering the Museum, visitors are welcomed by a Gallery Assistant (GA).

The GA will find out if visitors have a special interest or need and direct them to visitor reception. The visitor can collect a free floor plan and a list of special events from visitor reception. Visitor numbers are collected through electronic counting machines placed at the front doors of each museum.

Value-added interpretation

Families at actor interpreter performanceFamilies at actor-interpreter performance ©National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London 

This includes family activity workshops, guided tours, hands-on interactive displays, actor-led talks and family activity trails.

Written information

This includes floor plans to the sites and their facilities; signs, gallery text panels, catalogues and research guides to our collections.

Education services

School group looking at exhibitsA school group looking at exhibits on the Upper Deck. ©National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London The Museum provides educational services for all ages, including schools community groups, families and adults. The latter is sometimes called lifelong learning and includes lectures, seminars, workshops and teachers' resources.

Hospitality and catering

We have cafes for visitors located at both the main Museum and the Royal Observatory, and offer a wide range of food and drink.

Specific areas of all three sites of the Museum are available for hire: for corporate events and private weddings and parties.

Retailing products

The Museum has three shops on-site at the main Museum and the Royal Observatory. Goods are also available through the online shop. All sell gifts, souvenirs, and educational and heritage products which are linked to our displays and collections.

Targeted products and services

We ensure our range of products and services are targeted to the needs of our different types of customer, which can include toddlers in nursery groups, historical researchers and people with disabilities.

At the Museum, customer service is also about providing something that is less easy to measure: a clean, safe, accessible and welcoming place for all visitors.