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Discover 500 years of Britain's encounter with the world at sea. Explore our vast collection and enjoy free wifi in the comfort of the Compass Lounge. Hear the personal stories of our island nation in the new Voyagers gallery. See the uniform Nelson was wearing when he was fatally shot at the Battle of Trafalgar, steer a ship into port and fire a cannon in our Maritime galleries.

Crop of the 'Truth' window from the Baltic Glass
The newly-restored glass from the old Baltic Exchange is now on display at the Museum. The glass – a memorial to members of the Exchange...
Environment gallery
Find out how our everyday lives depend and impact on the health and survival of the world's oceans.
Voyagers is a new dynamic and inventive permanent gallery at the heart of the Sammy Ofer Wing.
Compass lounge
Take time to explore our vast collection and enjoy free wifi in the comfort of the Compass Lounge.
Geomantic compass
A brief history of world exploration from Columbus to today.
Building the 'Great Leviathan'
London has been at the hub of British commerce and industry for nearly 2000 years. The gallery now also features Nelson's Trafalgar uniform.
Nelson, Navy, Nation
See Nelson’s Trafalgar uniform among over 250 other star objects, placing the hero within the context of his day and telling a wider story...
Children's gallery
The Children's Gallery and The Ship Simulator are exciting galleries for younger visitors and their families to explore.
Torpedomen of the light cruiser HMS Jamaica
An exhibition of marking the 70th anniversary of the first Allied Arctic convoys to Russia.
The Great Map
The Great Map brings the Museum’s largest open space to life with a huge interactive world map.
Section through a First-Rate, c.1701
Ship models played an important role in the shipbuilding advances which helped the Royal Navy emerge as the world's leading naval force.
The First Day of the Yam Custom
A new gallery exploring the interrelationship and exchanges between Britain, Africa and the Americas, 1600-1850.
Turner and the Sea. Image: Detail from 'Rockets and Blue Lights (Close at Hand) to Warn Steamboats of Shoal Water', 1840, J.M.W. Turner © Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute, Williamstown, Massachusetts, USA / Photo Michael Agee
Throw yourself into Turner’s dramatic depictions of sunsets, storms and shipwrecks, which have become some of Britain’s best-loved...
A trading junk (detail)
Traders is a new permanent gallery exploring Britain’s maritime trade with Asia, focusing on the role played by the East India Company.