The Queen's House is home to some of the Museum's finest artworks, including paintings by Gainsborough, Lely, Hogarth, Reynolds, Hodges and the van de Veldes. 

Please note: Parts or all of the Queen's House may occasionally be closed. Please see Latest visitor information for all details of closures.

Queen's House galleries - art and history

Kongouro [kangaroo] by George Stubbs
Opens 7 August. Images of extraordinary lands, peoples, flora and fauna from Cook's groundbreaking voyages of exploration.
Stand by tubes. The Control Room of H.M.S Stubborn (thumb)
A new display of portraits, battle scenes and depictions of everyday life during conflict. February 2014–February 2015
Memorial Wreath, by Rozanne Hawksley (thumb)
Rozanne Hawksley's work explores the nature and meaning of the commemoration and memorialization of war. May–November 2014
An English ship in a gale trying to claw off a lee shore
17th-century Dutch marine artists Willem van de Velde the Elder and Younger established a studio in the Queen’s House, Greenwich.