The Queen's House is home to some of the Museum's finest artworks, including paintings by Gainsborough, Lely, Hogarth, Reynolds, Hodges and the van de Veldes. 

Please note: Parts or all of the Queen's House may occasionally be closed. Please see Latest visitor information for all details of closures.

Queen's House galleries - art and history

Kongouro [kangaroo] by George Stubbs
Opens 7 August. Images of extraordinary lands, peoples, flora and fauna from Cook's groundbreaking voyages of exploration.
Stand by tubes. The Control Room of H.M.S Stubborn (thumb)
A new display of portraits, battle scenes and depictions of everyday life during conflict. Open until July 2015
An English ship in a gale trying to claw off a lee shore
17th-century Dutch marine artists Willem van de Velde the Elder and Younger established a studio in the Queen’s House, Greenwich.