In 2016, we will be celebrating the 400th anniversary of the Queen’s House. As part of our preparations, the house will be closed to visitors from 27 July 2015 and will reopen, transformed, on 4 July 2016. Come back and discover the extraordinary people and events that are key to understanding this iconic building's creation, its history and its significance today. Find out more about the refurbishment project.

Queen's House galleries - art and history

Kongouro [kangaroo] by George Stubbs
Opens 7 August. Images of extraordinary lands, peoples, flora and fauna from Cook's groundbreaking voyages of exploration.
Stand by tubes. The Control Room of H.M.S Stubborn (thumb)
A new display of portraits, battle scenes and depictions of everyday life during conflict. Open until July 2015
An English ship in a gale trying to claw off a lee shore
The Queen's House is closed for refurbishment, re-opening July 2016 to mark its 400th anniversary.