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The Museum's collections contain over 1.5 million items relating to seafaring, navigation, astronomy and time measurement. Many are available to view online.

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See the jacket Nelson was wearing at Trafalgar, with the bullet-hole in the left shoulder from the fatal shot.
Harrison's Marine Chronometer (H4)
See the world's most famous historical timekeepers and solution to the longitude problem.

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View some of the more unusual and intriguing items from the Archive, Library and Manuscripts collections.

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Find out how to borrow objects from or donate objects to the Museum.
The Museum's Collections Reform Project and Collections Development Policy.

No.1 Smithery, Chatham

Collections Research Area at No.1 Smithery

From 12 May 2011, a new dedicated Collections Research Area will be available at No.1 Smithery for those interested in exploring the united ship model collections of the National Maritime Museum and Imperial War Museum. The new ship models store, managed by the National Maritime Museum, will provide state-of-the-art storage and access to one of the largest groups of ship models in the world.