Recent projects

Recent fellowships have been awarded for research on:

  • John Dee and 16th-century Arctic Exploration
  • Slavery and Trans-Atlantic Identities, 1713-1783
  • Sir Charles Middleton and the Evangelical Network, 1778-1813
  • Desertion, Identity and the Royal Navy in North America, 1745-1815

Previous fellowships have been awarded for research on:

  • Our Michael Graham-Stewart collection of slavery and abolition material
  • The History of the Greenwich Hospital Collection
  • Eighteenth-Century Cross-Cultural Encounters in the Pacific
  • Our rich collection of 17th-century Dutch art
  • The History of Navigation and Scientific Instruments
  • Elizabethan and Stuart Travel Writing
  • Women's Employment at Sea
  • The 20th-Century Development of Naval History

Fellowships have also been awarded for research on the Museum's collections relating to:

  • Medicine at Sea
  • Naval Administration
  • Hydrography and Empire
  • Pacific Exploration
  • The Architecture of Naval Buildings
  • Women's Travel Narratives