Research guides

The Library has produced a range of research guides to help people carry out their own research on a wide range of topics. The guides provide information about the Museum's collections and other sources for research into maritime history. The most popular guides are available via links on the right.

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Getting started with maritime research, family history and picture research.
Guides to tracing people, ship records, administrative records, naval gunnery etc.
Guides to tracing people, the Mercantile Navy List, ship histories and more.
Sources for research into 'Cutty Sark' available in the Caird Library at the National Maritime Museum.
Titanic factsheet, bibliography and records at the NMM.
Guide to papers in the NMM and the Dunkirk List.
Shipping company records held by the NMM, and guide to the East India Company.
Guide to researching specific passengers, and images and plans of ships.
Lloyd's List Indexes, Captains' Registers and registers held by the NMM.
Sources for research on women and the sea at the National Maritime Museum and The National Archives.
Guides to researching press gangs, marine environment, animals at sea and music at sea.
Sources for studying the life and achievements of James Cook and Horatio Nelson.
Introduction to the Museum's collection of manuscript and printed hydrography, and charts of the Spanish Armada by Robert Adams.
Help with researching explorers, navigators and hydrographers; polar exploration and relics of Sir John Franklin's last expedition.
Guide to the NMM's extensive flag collection, and a flags bibliography.
Guides to uniforms and medals in the NMM's collections, Naval General Service medals and Victoria Crosses.