The Authentic Nelson

The Authentic NelsonThe Authentic Nelson by Rina Prentice

The Authentic Nelson takes a detailed look at many of Nelson's personal items and their associated stories. The NMM holds an unrivalled collection of items owned and used by Nelson during his lifetime, ranging from his furniture, porcelain and silverware to clothes he wore and gifts he gave.

The reader traces the items on their fascinating historical journey through personal ownership, public exhibition and final preservation. Of particular interest are details of the inevitable forgeries and theft, which Nelson's continuing polularity has encouraged and the difficulties involved in actually locating 'the authentic Nelson'. Richly illustrated, the book contains rare glimpses of otherwise little-seen objects from private collections.

Author: Rina Prentice
Title: The Authentic Nelson
Format: Hardback, 246mm x 189mm
Pages: 192
Illustrations: 80 Colour Illustrations.
ISBN: 0-948065-62-1
ISBN: 13 978 0 948065 620