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Conservation of Historic Interiors Symposium

This symposium will focus on the ethical decision making involved in conserving/restoring historic interiors/buildings, and the importance of collaboration between heritage organisations.

Behind the scenes

Ever wondered how a priceless painting is restored or how a major exhibition comes together? In this section you can go behind the scenes and get an insight into how we manage and conserve our collections and read blogs by some of the experts at the Royal Observatory, Cutty Sark, National Maritime Museum, Caird Library and the Queen's House.

Explore our museum collections

The collections at Royal Museums Greenwich hold over 2.5 million items, including astronomical and navigational instruments, ship models and plans, coins, medals and flags, uniforms and weapons, plus historical art, film and photography.


If you would like to delve deeper into what's in our collections, find out how we look after them and learn about what our museum experts do behind the scenes, you'll find lots of fascinating and useful information in this section.

Conservation Skills Initiative

The Conservation Skills Initiative provides paid metal and textile conservation internships at Royal Museums Greenwich.