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November Family Events at Cutty Sark

November 2014Cutty Sark hosts special family events and activities throughout the year. Admission charges apply (activities are free with entry). Please visit our website for more information.Highlights this month include:

Student research internships

Student Internships at Royal Museums Greenwich support research in maritime and naval history, and the history of science and technology.

Student Internships 2017

Royal Museums Greenwich encompasses a unique blend of history, science and art, at the centre of the Greenwich World Heritage site. Student Internships at...

Blog post

The Queen's House project- meet the teams

The Queen's House is closed for a year's refurbishment while we get ready for it's 400th anniversary next year. Over the course of the project we'll be speaking to all the teams involved; with updates on the work, behind the scenes pics and a look at some of the iconic building's rich history.