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Visitors to Jupiter

This July, NASA spacecraft Juno is due to arrive at the largest planet in our Solar System – Jupiter.


Planet Jupiter

The planet Jupiter's more massive than all the other planets in the Solar System put together. It's a stormy mass of raging gas and metallic hydrogen.

Teacher resource

Looking for Jupiter

A classroom activity to accompany the video 'Looking for Jupiter', using Stellarium software.

Teacher resource

Looking for Jupiter

In this video, Royal Observatory Greenwich astronomers Radmila and Brendan use a free computer program called Stellarium to find out where the planet Jupiter is in the night sky. They show how you can take a picture of it using a smartphone camera, what you can see through large binoculars and what details a large telescope can reveal. 

Blog post

Venus & Jupiter- for the early risers

If you are an early riser, look South-East at 6:30 AM local time - and there you will see the planets Venus and Jupiter very close together in the morning...