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Captain Moore’s logbook (1) – An introduction

What happened on board Cutty Sark while the ship was in port? To answer that question, Cutty Sark Volunteer Roger Hodge looked into Captain Moore’s personal logbook from 1882, when Cutty Sark was on her thirteenth voyage. The log covers the weeks spent at sea, as well as the time the ship was in port, thus giving us an insight into the daily life of the crew, handling of cargos, illnesses on board and the manner in which trade was conducted in far off lands.

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Pilot’s logbooks of a First World War Flying Ace

As our ultimate flight exhibition, Above and Beyond, comes to an end we explore the logbook of Captain Albert James Enstone - a pilot with the Royal Naval Air Service during the First World War. The logbook records each of his flights and provides an insight into the dangers he faced everyday.

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The Duncan Term Logbook

The humorous, illustrated scrapbook includes photographs and hand-drawn illustrations from the Royal Naval College, Dartmouth.

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Captain Moore’s logbook (2) – Illness

The crew of Cutty Sark had their share of illnesses and accidents. Captain Moore had a medical chest with a range of the most likely medicines needed to treat common ailments and a medical book to help him diagnose illnesses and their treatments.