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Dangerous Definitions

There are many obstacles to historians' reconstructing and understanding the nature of past lives and events as...

Blog post

Peopling the Past

The project team have certainly been making the most of the conference scene recently. Last week saw some of us spending a thought-provoking two days at...

Blog post

Making sense of absence

I find it striking how our understanding of the early Board of Longitude is defined as much by the absence of evidence as by its presence. For example,...

Blog post

Judging a book by its cover

In an only partially successful attempt to escape England's weather, Katy, Sophie and I spent a week in April enjoying what should have been sunny...

Blog post

Would you credit it?

I started 2013 with an academic bang attending the annual conference of the British Society for Eighteenth Century...

Blog post

Tainted by trade

A few days ago, I attended an interesting talk by HPS doctoral student Michelle Wallis about...