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The collections at Royal Museums Greenwich hold over 2.5 million items, including astronomical and navigational instruments, ship models and plans, coins, medals and flags, uniforms and weapons, plus historical art, film and photography. Find out more about all of our collections below.

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Object focus: Cutty Sark's bells

Cutty Sark had two bells on board - a 50lb bell with the ship’s name engraved on to it, which was located on the monkey foc’s’le (the raised deck at the bow) and a smaller bell on the poop deck, at the stern.

Blog post

Object's focus: The seaman’s chest

The crew of Cutty Sark would each have a small chest or bag in their cabin, in which they kept all their belongings while on board, except the clothes they was wearing.

Collection item

Long focus lens

The lens is labelled 'Ex RTC? [Reversible Transit Circle]/ Grubb Parson number 5438, 7.25 inches aperture, 1110 ft focal length'.