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Long live the sextant!

They may not be the first words you'd expect to hear as a toast, but they were most appropriate on Tuesday night, which saw the launch of



Ornamental pocket sextant as used by Victorian explorers. Defining the angle of the Sun and stars with the horizon was an important way to navigate and...


Quarter Sized Vernier Sextant

The sextant is a quarter size replica of a Captain Campbell Vernier sextant. It has a telescope and four filters of varying intensity, all parts are fully...

Blog post

Sextant Appeal

In discussions about the instruments promoted and developed by the Board of Longitude, an observation I have noticed reoccurring is one that suggests the...


Campbell Vernier Sextant

The full-size Vernier sextant was, in skilled hands, an instrument of great accuracy, practicality and beauty – a joy to own and use, but also essential...