Silver Screen Science Fiction: The Day the Earth Caught Fire (1961)

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Date and time: 
8 April 2017 | 6.30–8.45pm
Adult: £10 | Concession: £8.50 | Child: £7
Royal Observatory, Planetarium & Astronomy Centre, Peter Harrison Planetarium
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Rival superpowers trigger catastrophic climate change in this classic British B-movie.

After rival governments detonate nuclear bombs, the temperature rises and cities empty, rationing is imposed and a state of emergency globally. The only solution appears to be a further detonation to readjust the Earth’s axis, but will humanity survive?

Join us for this classic British apocalyptic B-movie from the Cold War in London's only planetarium.

Certificate: PG.

Silver Screen Science Fiction at the Planetarium

Enjoy screenings of vintage, cult and blockbuster sci-fi movies in our planetarium, followed by a short talk on the science behind the fiction by a Royal Observatory astronomer.

After the film, our Public Astronomer Dr Marek Kukula will give a short talk on whether such a catastrophe is possible; and about planets beyond our Solar System, that are experiencing major climate calamities.

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