Cutty Sark internal lift closure

Cutty Sark's internal lift is out of order so there is currently no wheelchair access to the tween deck. All other decks are wheelchair accessible. 



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Date and time: 
Tuesday 31 October 2017 | 6.00
Adult £15.00 | Members £13.50
Cutty Sark, Lower Ground: The Dock
Franklin: Death in the Ice
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Join us on Hallowe'en for this cult classic from influential filmmaker, The Thing.

Experience the danger, drama and challenge of surviving the Arctic in our Death in the Ice film season on board our very own intrepid explorer Cutty Sark. Watch both Arctic survival, horror cult classics and recently released suspense films surrounded by the  ship’s historic tea chests in the intimate setting of the Michael Edwards Studio Theatre in the Lower Hold. 

From the influential filmmaker John Carpenter, The Thing has become a cult classic since its inception in 1982.

When scientists in the Antarctic discover that a shape-shifting alien has inflitrated their camp and is assuming the form of those it kills, they set out to try and destroy the beast before paranoia consumes them and dooms mankind.

Age: 18+

Booking coming soon.

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