Change to Planetarium schedule

From 1st October, the Planetarium show times will run on a new timetable. Weekends - Space Safari: 11am, The Sky Tonight: 11.45am & 4.15pm, Solar Superstorms: 12.30pm & 2.45pm, Meet the Neighbours: 1.15pm & 3.30pm.

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Date and time: 
Thursday 10 August | 7pm-8pm
Adult £10.00 | Concession £8.50 | Child £7.00 | Members 10% discount
Planetarium & Astronomy Centre
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Professor Gerry Gilmore reveals the power of the most advanced eye on the galaxy: the European Space Agency's GAIA.  

Gaia is the European Space Agency mission to create our first 6-dimensional census of stars in our Milky way; where they are, how they are moving, and telling us how the Milky Way formed and evolved from tiny ripples soon after the Big Bang into our sky.

And much more: Gaia's camera, the largest ever launched, sees huge numbers of asteroids - including possible threats to us - planets around other stars, light-bending by the Sun and Jupiter testing general relativity, and it discovers new transients every few hours. The most interesting are made available for schools to follow up and discover new science.

Learn more on the GAIA website

Age: 11+

Please note this event was previously scheduled to take place on Thursday 24 August.