The Great Hall & Tulip Stairs

Queen's House re-opening October 2016

The house is currently closed for renovation and will re-open on 11 October 2016 to celebrate its 400th anniversary. Find out more about the restoration project

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Opening times: 
The Queen's House is closed for refurbishment until 11 October 2016
Queen's House, Ground floor

See the dramatic Great Hall and Tulip Stairs in Inigo Jones's beautifully designed Queen's House in Greenwich.

The Great Hall is at the heart of the Queen’s House, which was designed by the famous architect Inigo Jones and is known as the first Classical building in England.

Step through its doors and find yourself in a huge, perfectly proportioned cube, measuring 12m x 12m (40ft x 40ft), reflecting Renaissance ideals of mathematical, classical proportion and harmony. Also notice the striking marble floor, with its geometrically-patterned black-and-white design. It was laid in 1635.

The sweeping Tulip Stairs are one of the original features of the Queen’s House. This ornate, wrought iron structure was the first geometric self-supporting spiral stair in Britain. It is also the location of the Rev R W Hardy’s famous ‘ghost’ photograph taken in 1966, which appears to show two or three shrouded figures on the staircase – a phenomenon that has never been explained logically to this day.

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