Browse over 100 amazing attractions at Royal Museums Greenwich, including Nelson's Trafalgar coat, John Harrison's famous timepieces and Turner's largest painting.

See the dramatic Great Hall and Tulip Stairs in Inigo Jones's beautifully designed Queen's House in Greenwich.

Arrive like royalty at the Queen's House when you climb this unusual staircase, shaped like a horseshoe.

Partly in shadow, a group of emigrants look out from the deck of a vessel, some waving handkerchiefs, but otherwise passive participants. An increasing stretch of water to the right emphasises their separation from their distraught loved ones on the quay.

Will you detect something spooky when you visit the Queen's House?

The building of the Royal Observatory in 1675 made Greenwich into the astronomical centre of Britain.

Experience the drama of the high seas at the Queen's House, with our fantastic collection of naval paintings by the van de Veldes.