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William Hodges 1744-1797: The Art of Exploration
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William Hodges 1744-1797: The Art of Exploration

  The Crew of 'Resolution'

The following names and remarks are taken from the 'MEMOIRS OF THE EARLY LIFE OF JOHN ELLIOTT, of Elliott House, Near Ripon-Yorkshire, Esqre and, Lieut: of the Royal Navy: written by himself, at the request of his Wife, for the use, and amusement of his children only'.
Early 19th century (watermark 1811).
British Library collection (ADD 42714), f. 1b.
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John Elliott served as midshipman on board HMS 'Resolution' during Captain Cook's second voyage (1772-75). In his memoirs, he records 'the names of the officers and civilians on the Quarter deck of the Resolution.'

  • James Cook Esq. Captain - Sober, brave, humane, and expert seaman and officer.
  • Robert Palliser Cooper, 1st. Lieut. - Sober, steady good officer.
  • Charles Clerke, 2nd Lieut. - A brave and good officer. & a genal favorite
  • Richd. Pickersgill, 3rd. Lieut. - A good officer and astronomer, but liking ye Grog.
  • John Gilbert, Master - A steady good officer
  • Mr Patten, Surgeon - A steady clever man
  • Mr Anderson, 1st Surgn. Mate - Ditto
  • Mr Drawwater, 2nd Surgn. Mate - Ditto
  • Mr Dawson, Scting Purser - Ditto in his situation
  • Danl. Clark. Captns Clerk - Clever but liking grog
  • Mr Forster, Botanist - A clever but a litigious quarelsom, fellow
  • Mr Forster Jun., Botanist - A clever good young man
  • Mr Sparrman, Asst. Botanist - Clever steady man
  • Mr Hodges, Draftman - Clever good man
  • Mr Wailes, Astronomer - An Able steady man
  • Mr Gilpin, His assistant - A quiet yg. man
  • Mr Edgecomb, Lieut. Marines - A steady man and a good officer
  • Isac Smith, Masters Mate - Clever and steady
  • John Whitehouse, Masters Mate - Jesuitical, sensible but an insinuating litigious mischief making fellow
  • Danial Burr, Masters Mate - Steady good officer
  • Richd. Grindall, Midshipman - Steady clever young man
  • Bowels Mitchell, Midshipman - Steady young man
  • Henry Roberts, Midshipman - Very clever young man
  • John Elliot, Midshipman - ------------------------
  • Mr Harvery, Midshipman - Steady officer
  • Alexander Hood, Midshipman - Clever steady young man
  • Thomas Willis, Midshipman - Wild and drinking
  • John Coglan, Midshipman - Ditto Ditto
  • Charles Loggie, Midshipman - From misfort. drinking
  • Charles Burney, Midshipman - Clever & Excentric
  • Mr Maxwill, Mishipman - An hypocritical canting fellow
  • Charles Prices, Midshipman - Unsteady & drinking
  • Richd. Colnett, Midshipman - Clever & sober
  • Mr Vancouver, Midshipman - A Quiet inoffensive Young man

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