Stories of the Skies

Stories of the skies

Have you ever looked up at the glittering night sky on a fine evening and wondered about all the weird and wonderful creatures and heroes that make up the constellations – the Great Bear, Scorpio, Orion, Andromeda?

Our illustrated stories guide you through some of these starry myths and legends. Explore how different cultures have viewed the stars and learn how to find the patterns in the night sky that make up the constellations.

Different cultures and peoples around the world all see different objects, gods and creatures in the same night sky.
Enter the magical world of Greek myth and meet handsome hero Orion as he fights terrifying monsters to win a beautiful princess.
Travel to the ancient land of Ethiopia and join Perseus as he tries to rescue the lovely Andromeda from the evil Kraken.
Misbehaving gods, jealous wives and bears who used to be humans!