Alien Revolution


This exhibition ran from 1 March–8 September 2013. It is now closed

This exhibition is now closed

Are we alone in this Universe? If aliens exist, would they be friendly or hostile? Have they in fact already visited Earth?

This spring, the Royal Observatory Greenwich explores a subject that has been obsessing us for hundreds of years in Alien Revolution, an intimate look at the history of our relationship with extra-terrestrial life through science and culture.

From the writings of 16th-century astronomer Copernicus to modern day scientists still searching for life amongst the stars, the exhibition takes a whistle-stop tour of our on-going fascination with alien life, including children’s favourite outer-space creature, E.T.; the intrepid Mars Curiosity rover on its solitary mission, and American couple Betty and Barney Hill who claimed to have been abducted by aliens in 1961.

With scientific and fantastical images which capture the imagination, Alien Revolution explores our obsession with other worlds, from luminous paintings of whimsical bat-men and ethereal Moon maidens in the 19th century to the violent depiction of invading Martians in stories of hostile aliens by H.G. Wells, to the first appearances of mysterious and complex crop-circles in 1970s England.

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Alien Revolution
Alien Revolution

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