Floor plans

National Maritime Museum

Royal Observatory Greenwich

Harrison's timekeepers: H1 has been moved to the Time for the Navy gallery. H2 and H3 have been installed in the New Acquisitions case in the National Maritime Museum shop. H4 will follow on 6 May but in the meantime is temporarily off display.

Astronomy Centre - free entry

Weller Interactive Astronomy Galleries
Anvilled Stars
Micro gallery: Astronomy Photographer of the Year
Astronomy Café and Gagarin Terrace 
Gift Shop
Access to Planetarium

Peter Harrison Planetarium

See Planetarium shows
(Charges apply; access via Astronomy Centre)

Altazimuth Pavilion - free entry

Altazimuth Pavilion

Flamsteed House - charges apply

Time and Longitude gallery
Time and Greenwich gallery
Astronomers' apartments, Octagon Room

Meridian Courtyard - charges apply

Meridian Line
Camera Obscura

28-inch telescope dome - free entry 
(Great Equatorial Building)

28-inch telescope; Time for the Navy gallery

Meridian Building

Time and Society gallery; Telescopes Gallery