Longitude Punk'd


The exhibition has now ended. Longitude Punk'd ran from April 2014 to 4 Jan 2015


Royal Observatory Greenwich

Steampunk exhibition at the Royal Observatory - now ended

Steampunk artists took over the Royal Observatory! Madcap inventors, stargazing scientists and elegant explorers took visitors on an adventure into a world where scientific convention and the laws of nature had been re-written. image title The steampunk artists gather round one of their creations in the Octagon Room Their fabulous narrative lavishly reinterpreted the science and drama of the 18th-century quest to find longitude at sea, inspired by the 300th anniversary of the Longitude Act. #LongitudePunkd

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This exclusive exhibition of eccentric inventions was specially created by steampunk luminaries including award-winning novelist Robert Rankin – exuberantly blurring the boundaries between art and science, fact and fiction. Longitude Punk'd was something completely unique, never tried before and in the last place you would expect to see it. 

Art & Humanities Research CouncilLongitude Punk’d is supported by the Arts and Humanities Research Council.

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