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Major Exhibition: Ships, Clocks and Stars: The Quest for Longitude – final weeks

Book online now: £8.50 combined ticket includes entry to both Ships, Clocks & Stars and Longitude Punk'd.

Discover the extraordinary story of the race to determine longitude (east-west position) at sea and explore the rivalries and ingenious inventions of some of the greatest minds of the 17th and 18th centuries including Galileo, Newton, Captain Cook and John Harrison.
Last day 4 Jan 2015. Find out more

Royal Observatory current exhibition: Longitude Punk'd

Part of Longitude Season 2014-15

Explore this exclusive exhibition of eccentric inventions inspired by the 18th-century quest for longitude, specially created by steampunk luminaries including award-winning novelist Robert Rankin – exuberantly blurring the boundaries between art and science, fact and fiction.
Last day 4 Jan 2015. Find out more

Iconic objects

See the jacket Nelson was wearing at Trafalgar, with the bullet-hole in the left shoulder from the fatal shot.
Harrison's Marine Chronometer (H4)
The world's most famous historical timekeepers and solution to the longitude problem.