Meet the judging panel for the 2014 competition.

Maggie Aderin-Pocock

Astronomy Photographer of the Year judge Maggie Aderin-PocockMaggie Aderin-Pocock has worked as a space scientist for the last 10 years. She also has a fellowship at UCL, enabling her to do the science communication work that she loves. In 2014, she joins the presenting team of the BBC's astronomy series, The Sky at Night.
Photograph © Robert Taylor


Chris Bramley

Chris BramleyChris Bramley is the Editor of Sky at Night Magazine. A journalist for over 10 years, he been with Sky at Night Magazine since it launched in June 2005, where he has forged his passion for astronomy and observing the night sky.

Will Gater

Astronomy Photographer of the Year judge Will GaterWill Gater is one of the UK’s best-known astronomy writers. He appears regularly on television and radio to talk about astronomy and space. He is an experienced astrophotographer and many of his own pictures can be seen on his website willgater.com.


Melanie Grant

Astronomy Photographer of the Year judge Melanie GrantMelanie has been a Picture Editor and Researcher across a wide range of newspapers, magazines and the internet for the last 17 years.  She has worked for the BBC, The Financial Times, The Independent, The New York Post, The Guardian and The Times. She is currently Picture Editor on Intelligent Life magazine at The Economist.

Marek Kukula

Astronomy Photographer of the Year judge Marek KukulaMarek Kukula is the Public Astronomer at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich. He has 15 years experience of astronomy research, specialising in the study of distant galaxies and supermassive black holes.


Pete Lawrence

Astronomy Photographer of the Year judge Pete LawrencePete Lawrence has nearly 40 years experience as an astronomical observer and is regarded as a world class astrophotographer. Many of his images have been published in books and online. Pete also appears on The Sky at Night.


Chris Lintott

Chris Lintott Chris Lintott is best known as co-presenter of the BBC's long-running The Sky at Night. He is also a researcher at the University of Oxford, where he runs Zooniverse.org, the world's most successful collection of citizen science projects.


Melanie Vandenbrouck

Melanie VandenbrouckMelanie Vandenbrouck is curator of Art post-1800 at Royal Museums Greenwich and chair of the Museum’s Contemporary Art Forum.