Nelson display in Maritime London

Nelson display in Maritime London

Location: Maritime London: 1700 to now gallery.

Admission: Free, open daily 10.00–17.00.

This display explores the Nelson story through the narrative of the Battle of Trafalgar, his death, funeral and commemoration in the capital. The space includes an interactive feature with life-size digital reproductions of Nelson’s Trafalgar coat and Nile uniform, through which visitors can learn more about Nelson’s life and death and related objects, paintings and manuscripts.

Temporary removal of Nelson's Trafalgar coat

Nelson’s Trafalgar uniform has been taken off display temporarily to go to the exhibition 'Napoléon et l’Europe' at the Musée de l’Armée in Paris (27 March–14 July). On its return, the uniform will go on display in the new gallery Nelson, Navy, Nation 1688-1815, opening 21 October 2013 (Trafalgar Day).

Trafalgar uniform

See the jacket Nelson was wearing at Trafalgar, with the bullet-hole in the left shoulder from the fatal shot.

Nelson's Trafalgar jacket talk

Gallery Assistant Ann Stamper talks about the undress coat Nelson wore at Trafalgar.