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Temporary closure, 2 October–28 November

Voyagers will be closed until 28 November, when it will reopen with a new display of exciting objects.

Voyagers: Britons and the Sea

Set in the heart of the Sammy Ofer Wing, Voyagers tells the story of Britain and the sea, illustrating the contemporary significance of maritime histories and the personal stories of our island nation.

The gallery, designed by Real Studios, contains over 200 objects representing the extraordinary depth and range of the Museum’s collection. Voyagers also features a dynamic audio-visual installation created by The Light Surgeons, using bespoke software developed by Flightphase.

The wave

Stretching the length of the Voyagers gallery is a 20-metre wave-like structure made up of 26 triangular facets and featuring a Puffersphere spherical projector at one end. Over 300 images and films from the Museum’s vast archives have been translated into a series of thematic visual journeys that unfold down the wave.