Closure of Great Equatorial Dome and Time for Navy Gallery

The Great Equatorial Dome and some galleries will be closed between 11:30am and 3.45pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays until 24 August for daytime observation. Join the fun and see Venus in the daytime sky

The Royal Observatory Greenwich makes an unforgettable setting for evening events, with its fabulous views across Greenwich Park to Canary Wharf.

Special seasonal offers at the Royal Observatory Greenwich

It’s time to celebrate at the home of time. We are delighted to offer a special rate for bookings in January-March 2017:

7-11pm | Exclusive use of Flamsteed House & Meridian Courtyard

£4000+VAT (rack rate £4500+VAT)

Please quote 'ROG A/W 2016' when booking.

For more information, contact us today: / 0208 312 8517 

Organise a celestial event at the Royal Observatory Greenwich

From its hilltop setting in Greenwich Park, the Royal Observatory commands breathtaking views of Canary Wharf and the City of London.

Home to Greenwich Mean Time, the Observatory houses one of the world’s finest collections of time-related scientific instruments. You’ll have the option to book horologists and astronomers to share their expertise with your guests. We can also arrange telescope viewings in the courtyard and guided tours of the Time Galleries.

"I just wanted to say thank you. It's been a really successful evening which has run seamlessly."

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Venue details

Flamsteed House

Flamsteed House is the original observatory building, designed by Sir Christopher Wren in 1675 to house the Astronomers Royal. At its heart is the magnificent Octagon Room, which will be the focal point for your event. 

Event hours: 7–11pm*


Banquet: 60

Stand-up reception: 150

Hire fee: £4500 + VAT

* Any additional time past 11pm will be charged at £600 + VAT per hour or part of hour.

Endeavour Room

Located in the dome at the top of the late-Victorian Astronomy Centre, the book-lined Endeavour Room is an ideal venue for a small corporate meeting or dinner.

The large purpose-built conference table that dominates the room creates a prestigious yet intimate atmosphere.

Event hours: 7–11pm*


Banquet: Up to 12 guests

Hire fee: £2800 + VAT

* Any additional time past 11pm will be charged at £450 + VAT per hour or part of hour.

Additional hours available

Monday and Tuesday: 11pm–12am

Wednesday  to  Saturday: 11pm–1am

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